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About Me


Hi! I am Tina Pecht -

your photographer at Dog Life Images.

You wanted to know a little bit about me?

Well, here goes...

My interest in photography stems from my passion for documenting the special times in my life…times spent with friends and family, traveling, beautiful scenery, and yes, my pets. It is so wonderful to re-live those moments via printed images. I have my dad to thank for starting me down this road when I was 10 years old. He gave me a hand-me-down Kodak camera which I used to document family events and anything else that caught my eye. The camera is long gone, but some of the photos still remain in my albums!

I have had a lifelong love of dogs and cats – and had a few of them myself over the years. As my love of photography grew, so did my passion for photographing peoples’ pets. The whole process - from capturing your pet’s personality at a certain moment in time to editing those images and creating beautiful portraits for you to enjoy for years to come – is so satisfying.

No two moments in time are alike, and no two moments with your pet are exactly the same. Unfortunately, our pets don’t live forever. But our memories of them are enhanced by their printed images!

I have enjoyed sharing my photography talent with local animal rescue organizations for the past few years. I am currently volunteering for Paws for Purple Hearts - a very worthy organization which works with military veterans to train service dogs for their ultimate assignment to a veteran with PTSD, TBI, or another military service related disability. The above photo is of me with Ernie, a service dog in training. I am proud to help this organization further their mission by providing professional photos of their dogs in action in order to engage the public via social and print media.

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